Hi ,I’m Ahmad Muhajir from Indonesia, the country of more than ten thousand islands.I’m Student of Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center, was born on the 23th day of May.

By the year 2007, i’m started his first online business. The amazing thing about his starting an online business at the time is that he was a novice, not even being familiar with the concept of “email”.

By the month of Pebruari in the year of 2008, i’m was joined in Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center.

Today this company is recognized as the BEST online school when it comes to educating those in the Indonesian area in the area of internet marketing, and how to be successful when it comes to conducting business in the online market. Ahmad proud become Anne Ahira’s students in Asian Brain Internet Marketing Center.

The techniques introduced by Anne Ahira quickly emerged as the most popular techniques in all of Indonesia. As a result of her successful strategies, many different types of mass media, both online and offline, sought to learn about this woman.

She was quickly approached by many different television programs, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and yes, even tabloids!

I’m was degree from Brawijaya University of Malang. The biggest university in Malang city, Indonesia. He is part time on internet marketing now because he is sure that in Indonesia internet marketing will become a future job. Ahmad’s inspiring figure is Anne Ahira for those looking to achieve financial success in their lives through the means of internet marketing.